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This is the lists 2006 public presentations (conferences, seminars, colloquia) by LSC members submitted to the Publication and Presentation Committee.
The list is not complete, LSC member are encouraged to submit their 2006 presentations and email Laura Cadonati the following information:
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APS April 2006

DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060198-05 Zucker, MikeLLOStatus Status of LIGO
G060199-00 Brady, PatrickUWMStatus Results from LIGO observations I
G060178-02 Sutton, PatrickCaltechStatus Results from LIGO observations II
G060185-00 Gonzalez, GabrielaLSUStatus Results from LIGO (plenary talk)
DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060041-02 Shawhan, PeterCaltechAnalysis Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts in Data from the LIGO S4 Run
G060044-00 Chatterji, Shourov CaltechAnalysis The Q Pipeline search for gravitational-wave bursts with LIGO
G060663-00 Leonor, Isabel OregonAnalysis Search for gravitational-wave bursts associated with gamma-ray bursts using LIGO detectors
G060193-00 Matone, LucaColumbiaAnalysis Search for Gravitational Waves associated with the SGR1806-20 hyperflare using the Hanford LIGO detectors
G060170-00 Yakushin, Igor LLOAnalysis Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts in LIGO's S5 run
G060196-00 Sutton, Patrick CaltechAnalysis Coherent network analysis technique for discriminating GW bursts from instrumental noise
G060182-00 Brown, Duncan CaltechAnalysis The LIGO Scientific Collaboration search for inspiralling binary neutron stars
G060179-00 Dietz, AlexanderLSUAnalysis Searching LIGO data for coincidences with Gamma Ray Bursts
G060177-00 Mendell, Gregory LHOAnalysis Stackslide search for continuous gravitational waves using LIGO S4 data
G060180-00 Dergachev,Vladimir MichiganAnalysis Broadband Search for Continuous-Wave Gravitation Radiation with LIGO
G060186-00 Kawabe, Keita LHOAnalysis Coherent searches for periodic gravitational waves from unknown isolated sources and Scorpius X-1: results from the second LIGO science run
G060189-00 Pitkin, Matt GlasgowAnalysis A search for gravitational wave signals from known pulsars using early data from the LIGO S5 run
G060181-00 Prix, ReinhardAEIAnalysis Search for gravitational waves from neutron stars: first results from Einstein@Home

Elba 2006 GWADW - VESF Meeting, May 27 - June 2, 2006

DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060341-00 Smith, Joshua AEIInstrument Instrumental and Instrumental and environmental noise in environmental noise in GEO600
G060342-00 Hild, Stefan AEIInstrument Experience with Signal-Recycling in GEO600
G060347-00 Frede, Maik LZHInstrument High Power Lasers for Future GW Detectors
G060336-00 Wen, Linqing AEIAnalysis Network analysis of gravitational waves
G060322-00 Kells, Bill CaltechInstrument LIGO Core Optics: A Decade of Development and Experience
G060314-00 Reid, Stuart AEIInstrument Temperature Dependence of the Mechanical Dissipation in Single Layer Tantalum Pentoxide Coatings on Thin Single-Crystal Silicon Substrates
G060312-00 Kokeyama, Keiko NAOJIInstrument Cancelation of Displacement Noise using a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
G060307-00 Ju, Li ACIGAInstrument Suppressing Parametric Instabilities
G060304-00 Schnabel, Roman AEIInstrument Generation and Control of Squeezed Light Fields
G060303-00 Sakata, Shihori NAOJIInstrument Experimental Plan for Extraction of Ponderomotive Squeezing
G060302-00 Pinto, Innocenzo Sannio U.Instrument Coating Thermal Noise Reduction: Optimal Thicknesses
G060301-00 Corbitt, Thomas MITInstrument Radiation Pressure Experiments at MIT
G060284-00 Blair, David ACIGAInstrument Proposal to Extend Current AIGO High Optical Power Research Facility to a 5km advanced interferometer
G060283-00 Saulson, Peter SyracuseStatus Status of LIGO
G060279-00 Lueck, Harald AEIStatus Status of GEO600
G060237-00 Yamamoto, Hiro CaltechInstrument Advanced LIGO Simulation
G060235-00 Miyakawa, Osamu CaltechStatus Advanced LIGO Technical progress and update
G060231-00 Osamu Miyakawa CaltechInstrument Demonstration of lock acquisition and optical response on Detuned RSE interferometer at Caltech 40m
G060228-00 Sutton, Patrick CaltechAnalysis Advances in Coherent Network Searches for GW Bursts

11th Marcel Grossman meeting

DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060365-00 Shoemaker, David MITStatus LIGO: Status of instruments and observations
G060615-00 Ballmer, Stefan CaltechStatus Status of the LIGO interferometers
G060359-00 Lantz, Brian StanfordStatus Advanced LIGO: Development and Status
G060363-00 Fairhurst, Steve CaltechAnalysis Burst-Inspiral Results Overview
G060295-00 Christensen, Nelson CarletonAnalysis Results from LIGO observations Stochastic Background & Continuous Wave Signals
G060614-00 Sintes, Alicia PalmaAnalysis Hough search for continuous gravitational waves using LIGO S4 data
G060371-00 Whelan, John AEIAnalysis Stochastic Background Search with ALLEGRO and LIGO Science Data
G060624-00 Prix, Reinhard AEIAnalysis Search for unknown spinning neutron stars: Optimal Detector Network

XXIII Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060579-00 Marx, Jay CaltechStatus Overview of LIGO
G060676-00 Buonanno, Alessandra UMDAnalysis Probing Fundamental Physics and the Early Universe by Detecting Relic Gravitational Waves
DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060595-00 Mandic, Vuk CaltechAnalysis Searching for Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background with LIGO (Poster)
G060594-00 Ballmer, Stefan CaltechAnalysis Upper Limit Map of a Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background (Poster)
G060678-00 Howell, Eric UWAAnalysis Application of the probability event horizon filter to constrain the local rate (Poster)
N/A O'Shaughnessy, Richard NorthwesternAnalysis Astrophysical constraints on BH-NS and NS-NS mergers and the short GRB redshift distribution (Poster)
N/A Wen, Linquing AEIAnalysis Analysis of gravitational waves using a network of ground-based detectors (Poster)
G060677-00 Wette, Karl ANUAnalysis Interesting astrophysics from initial LIGO data: searching for isolated non-pulsing neutron stars (Poster)

11th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop

DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
G060645-00 O'Reilly, BrianLLOStatus Status of LIGO
G060629-00 Benno WilkeHannoverStatus Status of GEO
G060628-00 Cadonati, LauraMITAnalysis Data Quality Vetos in LIGO S5 Searches for Gravitational Wave Transients
G060638-00 Katsavounidis, ErikMITAnalysis Glitch and veto studies in LIGO's S5 search for gravitational wave bursts
G060646-00 Sung, MyungkeeLSUAnalysis Results of the hardware injections performed on the LIGO interferometers
G060648-00 Mukherjee, SomaUTBAnalysis Multidimensional classification of burst triggers from the 5th science run of LIGO
G060640-00 Hewitson, MartinAEIAnalysis Data and Detector characterization at GEO600
G060644-00 Parameswaran, AjithAEIAnalysis Burst vetoes using known instrumental couplings: Application to GEO S5 data
G060641-00 Hild, StefanAEIAnalysis A statistical veto method with a back-coupling consistency check
G060672-00 Finn, Lee SamuelPSUAnalysis Astrophysical Interpretation of Gravitational Wave Burst Observations
G060652-00 Mohanty, Soumya UTBAnalysis Search for gravitational-wave bursts associated with gamma-ray bursts using the LIGO detectors
G060631-00 Matone, LucaColumbiaAnalysis Search for Gravitational Wave Radiation Associated with the Pulsating Tail of the SGR 1806-20 Hyperflare of December 27th, 2004 using LIGO
G060659-00 Clark, JamesGlasgowAnalysis An Evidence Based Ring-down Search
G060673-00 Messenger, ChrisGlasgowAnalysis A fast incoherent search for CW sources in binary systems
G060651-00 Krishnan, BadriAEIAnalysis All sky search for periodic waves in LIGO S4 data using the weighted Hough transform
G060623-01 Pitkin, MatthewGlasgowAnalysis New gravitational wave upper limits for selected ms pulsars using LIGO S5 data
G060655-00 Prix, ReinhardAEIAnalysis Optimal parameter-space covering for CW searches
G060630-00 Cokelaer, ThomasCardiffAnalysis Search for compact binary systems in LIGO data
G060591-00 Dietz, AlexCardiffAnalysis GRB triggered inspiral searches in LIGO data
G060616-00 Goggin, LisaCaltechAnalysis Status of the Search for Black Hole Ringdowns in LIGO S4 Data
G060650-00 Robinson, CraigCardiffAnalysis E-thinca: an improved method for coincidence analysis
G060625-00 Christensen, NelsonCarletonAnalysis Coherent Bayesian inference on binary inspiral signals
G060674-00 Parameswaran, AjithAEIAnalysis Phenomenological template bank for Black hole coalescence waveforms
G060661-00 Cannon, KippUWMAnalysis An Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Time Resolved Full Sky Cross Power in an Interferometer with Omni-directional Elements
G060605-04 Whelan, JohnAEIAnalysis Preliminary Results of LLO-ALLEGRO Stochastic Search
G060601-00 O'Reilly, BrianLLOAnalysis All-Sky Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts during the fifth LIGO Science Run
G060618-00 Chatterji, ShourovCaltechAnalysis Application of the Q Pipeline to the LIGO S5 burst search
G060621-00 Klimenko, SergeyUFAnalysis Coherent detection and reconstruction of burst events in the S5 LIGO and GEO data.
G060656-00 Heng, Ik SiongGlasgowAnalysis Search for burst gravitational waves in LIGO-GEO S4 data.
G060653-00 Hayama, KazuhiroUTBAnalysis Regularized coherent network analysis pipeline for triggered searches.
G060636-00 Kalmus, PeterColumbiaAnalysis Search Method for Gravitational Wave Transients Associated with the SGR 1806-20 Giant Flare (poster)
G060654-00 Raffai, Peter ColumbiaAnalysis Search Method for Quasi-Monochromatic Gravitational Wave Signals in the Time-Frequency Space (poster)
G060613-00 Dwyer, JohnColumbiaAnalysis Search for Gravitational Wave repeaters (poster)
G060660-00 Marka, Zsuzsa ColumbiaAnalysis Search Method for Coincident Detection of Events in Time and Direction in the Datastreams of LIGO and the of LIGO and the IceCube IceCube Neutrino Detector (poster)
G060639-00 Katsavounidis, Erik MITAnalysis Veto Selection for Gravitational Wave Event Searches (poster)
G060627-00 Conte, RobertoSannioAnalysis Exogenous-Gaussian Modeling of Interferometer Noise Floor (poster)

Other 2006 conferences

Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Venue Title
2006-01-08 G060012-00 Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatus AAS meeting Washington DC Detecting gravitational waves with interferometers
2006-03-24 G060669-00 Harry, Gregg MITStatus 9th Eastern Gravity Meeting Cambridge, MA Initial and Advanced LIGO Status
2006-03-24 G060670-00 Abernhaty, Matt MITInstrument 9th Eastern Gravity Meeting Cambridge, MA Effect of Temperature on Coating Thermal Noise in Advanced LIGO
2006-03-28 G060164-00 Kawabe, Keita LHOStatus GW Detection Symposium, Physical Society of Japan Current status of USA LIGO experiment and international collaboration (in Japanese)
2006-04-06 G060173-00 Penn, Steve Hobart&SmithStatus CHIPP Workshop, EPFL, Lausanne Status of LIGO and Advanced LIGO
2006-05-19 G060221-00 Prix, Reinhard AEIAnalysis 363rd Heraeus Seminar on Neutron Stars and Pulsars Observing Gravitational Waves from Spinning Neutron Stars
2006-05-25 G060275-00 Robertson, Norna StanfordInstrument Class Quant Grav meeting at King's College, London Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO
2006-08-28 G060488-00 Frolov, Valera LLOStatus TeV Particle Astrophysics II Madison, WI Status of LIGO
2006-08-28 N/A Brady, Patrick UWMStatus TeV Particle Astrophysics II Madison, WI LIGO observational results
2006-08-28 G060489-00 Adhikari, Rana CaltechStatus TeV Particle Astrophysics II Madison, WI Advanced LIGO interferometers
2006-08-28 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITInstrument TeV Particle Astrophysics II Madison, WI Quantum readout in future gravitational wave interferometers
2006-09-11 G060684-00 Cao, Junwei MITAnalysis GridWorld 2006, Washington DC The LSC Data Grid Client/Server Environment
2006-10-25 G060501-00 Cadonati, Laura MITStatusCOSMO 2006, Lake Tahoe CA Exploring the gravitational wave sky with LIGO
2006-10-05 G060679-00 Ugolini, Dennis TrinityInstrumentTSAPS joint fall meeting, Arlington TX Developing a Capacitive Probe for Measuring Charging Effects on In-Vacuum Optics
2006-10-07 G060504-00 Harry, Gregg MITInstrumentLIGO/Virgo Thermal Noise Workshop LIGO Coating Project
2006-10-27 G060540-00 Rodriguez, Andres LSUAnalysisSACNAS 2006, Tampa FL Searching for Gravitational Waves with LIGO
2006-10-30 G060573-00 Hough, Jim GlasgowStatusLEOS 2006, Montreal The Search for Gravitational Waves
2006-11-06 G060580-00 Brown, Duncan CaltechAnalysisNRDA, MIT Searching for gravitational-waves from compact binaries
2006-11-06 G060570-00 Fairhust, Stephen CaltechAnalysisNRDA, MIT Systematic effects in gravitational-wave data analysis
2006-11-07 G060637-00 Sutton, Patrick CaltechAnalysisNRDA, MIT What we heard about numerical relativity
2006-11-09 G060584-00 O'Reilly, Brian LLOStatusSESAPS 2006, Williamsburg, VA Status of LIGO
2006-11-09 G060582-00 Cadonati, Laura MITStatusSESAPS 2006, Williamsburg, VA Astrophysical sources, analysis methods and current results in LIGO's quest for gravitational waves
2006-11-09 G060581-00 Lantz, Brian StanfordStatusSESAPS 2006, Williamsburg, VA Advanced LIGO: Development and Status
2006-11-16 G060602-00 Klimenko, Sergei UFAnalysisGW data analysis workshop, Poincare Insitute, Paris Detection and reconstruction of burst signals with networks of gravitational wave detectors
2006-11-17 G060683-00 Gonzalez, Gabriela LSUAnalysisGW data analysis workshop, Poincare Insitute, Paris Looking for compact binary systems in real LIGO data
2006-11-17 G060682-00 Sintes, Alicia PalmaAnalysisGW data analysis workshop, Poincare Insitute, Paris Current searches for continuous gravitational waves
2006-11-17 G060681-00 Sathyaprakash, Bangalore CardiffAnalysisGW data analysis workshop, Poincare Insitute, Paris Testing general relativity with the binary inspiral signal
2006-12-13 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITInstrumentQEM-II workshop Morro Bay, CA Quantum states of light and GIANTs

2006 Seminars and Colloquia

Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Venue Title
2006-01-18 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusSeminar, Los Alamos National Laboratory Detecting gravitational-waves with interferometers.
2006-03-02 G060029-03 Peter Shawhan CaltechStatusColloquium, Syracuse U. LIGO perks up its ears.
2006-03-02 G060031-05 Zucker, Mike LLOStatusColloquium, LSU Baton Rouge LIGO listens.
2006-03-03 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusColloquium, Yale University Detecting gravitational-waves with interferometers: Giant detectors, precision measurement, and the search for the elusive waves.
2006-03-07 G060048-00 Richard O'Shaughnessy NorthwesternAnalysis Seminar, Caltech Critically assessing Binary Mergers as short hard GRBs.
2006-03-23 G060174-00 Cadonati, Laura MITAnalysisSeminar, Caltech LIGO's Eyes Wide Open Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts.
2006-04-07 N/A McGuire, Stephen SUBRInstrumentColloquium U. Colorado at Colorado Springs LIGO, materials research and physics education at Southern University.
2006-04-13 G060187-00 Whitcomb, Stan CaltechStatusColloquium, Caltech So, what's going on over at LIGO?
2006-04-18 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITInstrumentSeminar, Caltech-JPL Recent progress towards the sub-quantum limited detection.
2006-04-19 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusColloquium, Caltech The search for gravitational waves.
2006-04-25 G060671-00 Harry, Gregg MITStatusLecture, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, NY Gravitational Wave Astronomy.
2006-05-16 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MIT John de Laeter Youth Lecture, Australian Institute of Physics, Perth The bizarre quantum nature of light.
2006-05-18 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusDean's Public Lecture, University of Western Australia, Perth. (5/18)
Questacon Museum of Science, Canberra (5/22)
The search for those elusive gravitational waves.
2006-05-25 G060276-00 Sutton, Patrick CaltechAnalysisSeminar, U. Salerno, Italy Coherent network searches for gravitational-wave bursts.
2006-06-22 G060662-00 Prix, Reinhard AEIAnalysis Meudon (6/22) Orsay (6/28) Toulouse (7/6) Observing gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars.
2006-09-12 G060493-01 Lazzarini, Albert CaltechStatusColloquium, U. Mississippi LIGO: Status of operation at design sensitivity and future prospects.
2006-09-21 G060499-00 Mendell, Greg LHOAnalysisSeminar, WSU Pullman The Search For Periodic Gravitational Waves.
2006-10-09 G060506-00 Harry, Gregg MITInstrumentSeminar, U. Sannio Benevento (Italy) Optical Coating Development for the Advanced Optical Coating Development for the Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave LIGO Gravitational Wave Antennas
2006-10-10 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusIAS, Princeton Gravitational wave detectors - nuts and bolts, steel and glass, science and discovery
2006-10-16 G060509-00 Robertson, Norna StanfordStatusColloquium, SLAC LIGO and the Search for Gravitational Waves
2006-10-16 G060513-00
Landry, Mike LHOStatusLectures at CERN Gravitational Wave Astronomy
2006-10-20 G060594-00 Nelson Christensen CarletonStatusColloquium, Montana State U. Searching for Gravitational Waves
2006-10-21 G060620-00 Melissinos, Adrian RochesterStatusLecture, U. Buffalo The Search for GRAVITATIONAL WAVES using the LIGO INTERFEROMETERS
2006-10-30 G060544-00 Reitze, Dave UFStatusOptical Science and Engineering Seminar, U. of Colorado LIGO. Optical Science and Engineering In Search of Black Holes
2006-10-31 G060545-00 Chatterji, Shourov CaltechStatusCaJAGWR seminar Status of LIGO's 5th science run
2006-11-07 N/A Mavalvala, Nergis MITStatusHarvard Center for Ultracold Atoms Quantum states of light and GIANTs
2006-11-15 N/A O'Shaughnessy, Richard NorthwesternAnalysisSeminar, Argonne National Laboratory Detecting binary mergers with gravitational waves
2006-11-15 G060588-00 Sutton, Patrick CaltechAnalysisSeminar, Glasgow Searching for gravitational-wave bursts with LIGO.
2006-11-21 N/A Mavalvala, NergisMITStatus Colloquium, U. Maryland Gravitational Wave Detection: What's New? What's Next?
2006-12-11 G060626-00 Robertson, NornaStanfordStatus Stanford Electronics and Optics Seminar
and HEPL/KIPAC seminar
LIGO and the Search for Gravitational Waves
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