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This is the lists 2008 public presentations (conferences, seminars, colloquia) by LSC members submitted to the Publication and Presentation Committee.
As described in the PP policy, speakers are asked to submit to lsc-pp the following information:
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APS April 2008

(restricted link to list of abstracts / slide draft)
Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
1'2008-04-13' G080181-03 Katsavounidis, ErikMITAnalysis Searches for bursts of gravitational waves with LIGO, GEO and Virgo
2'2008-04-13' G080178-04 Brown, DuncanSyracuseAnalysis Searches for gravitational waves from the inspiral of binary neutron stars and black holes
'2008-04-13' G080421-00 Waldman, SamCaltechInstrument Extending our reach: the next decade of GW detectors
'2008-04-13' G080250-00 Gonzalez, GabyLSUReview The Bright Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
'2008-04-14' N/A Buonanno, AlessandraUMDTheory Interplaying analytical and numerical relativity in modeling binary black hole coalescences
'2008-04-15' N/A Pan, YiUMDTheory Developing templates for binary black hole coalescences using analytical and numerical relativity
Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Title
X'2008-04-12' G080236-00 Jones, GarethCardiffAnalysis Coherent Network Searches for Gravitational Waves associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts
X'2008-04-12' N/A Kalmus, PeterColumbiaAnalysis Search for transient gravitational waves associated with Soft Gamma Repeaters using the LIGO detectors
'2008-04-12' G080237-00 Aso, YoichiColumbiaAnalysis Analysis Method to Search for Coincidence Events between the LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-wave Detector Network and the IceCube Neutrino Detector
'2008-04-14' G080188-00 Khan, RubhabColumbiaAnalysis Searching for gravitational wave fingerprints of SGR QPOs (poster)
'2008-04-14' G080247-00 Lee, JasonAndrewsAnalysis The RIDGE pipeline as a method to search for gravitational waves associated with magnetar bursts (poster)
X'2008-04-14' G080312-00 Hughey, BrennanMITAnalysis A high frequency search for GW bursts (poster)
X'2008-04-12' G080167-00 Caudill, SarahLSUAnalysis Detection confidence tests for Inspiral Candidate Events
X'2008-04-12' G080171-00 Keppel, DrewCaltechAnalysis Searches for compact binary inspirals in LIGO data
X'2008-04-12' G080170-00 Fotopoulos, NickUWMAnalysis Searches for gravitational-wave inspirals from short GRBs
'2008-04-12' G080169-00 Biswas, RahulUWMAnalysis Properties and application of statistical methods to estimating compact binary merger rates.
'2008-04-12' G080185-00 Van der Sluys, MarcNorthwesternAnalysis Bayesian inference on spinning compact-binary inspirals with ground-based gravitational-wave laser interferometers
X'2008-04-12' G080177-00 Slutsky, JakeLSUAnalysis Data quality and vetoes in searches for compact binary coalescences and bursts in LIGO's fifth science run
X'2008-04-13' G080190-00 Landry for LSCLHOAnalysis Beating the spin-down limit on gravitational wave emission from the Crab pulsar
X'2008-04-13' N/A Allen for LSCAEIHannover Results from the Einstein@Home search of the LIGO S4 data set
X'2008-04-13' G080173-00 Dergachev, VladimirMichiganAnalysis Broadband Search for Continuous-Wave Gravitation Radiation with LIGO
'2008-04-13' N/A Owen, BenPSUTheory What can LIGO results say about mountains on pulsars?
X'2008-04-13' G080290-00 Giampanis, StefanosRochesterAnalysis Search for Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves with LIGO
'2008-04-13' N/A Price, LarryUWMTheory Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves from the Early Universe
X'2008-04-13' G080308-00 Goetz for the LSCMichiganInstrument Displacement Calibration Techniques for the LIGO Detectors
'2008-04-14' G080192-00 KisselLSUInstrument Active seismic isolation systems for Enhanced and Advanced LIGO

Other 2008 conferences

Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Venue Title
1'2008-01-09' G080007-00 Losurdo, GiovanniINFN - FirenzeStatus AAS 211th Meeting, Austin, TX The Next Generation of Ground-based Gravitational Wave Detectors
2'2008-01-09' G080006-00 Ballmer, StefanCaltechStatus AAS 211th Meeting, Austin, TX Building an International Gravitational Wave Network
3'2008-01-09' G070902-00 Pitkin, MatthewGlasgowAnalysis AAS 211th Meeting, Austin, TX Results from searches for a continuous gravitational wave signal from the Crab pulsar
4'2008-01-09' G080003-04 Marka, SzabolcsColumbiaAnalysis AAS 211th Meeting, Austin, TX Astrophysically Triggered Searches for Gravitational Waves
5'2008-01-09' G080001-03 Whelan, JohnAEIAnalysis AAS 211th Meeting, Austin, TX Searches for a Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves
'2008-02-03' G080027-00 DeSalvo, RiccardoCaltechInstrument PXRMS-08, Big Sky Resort, Montana The importance of Coatings for Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatories
'2008-02-11' G080030-00 Hodge, KariCaltechAnalysis 2008 Multivariate Analysis Workshop, Caltech Using a random forest of bagged decision trees to rank-order potential gravitational wave events
'2008-02-19' G080048-00 Reid, StuartGlasgowInstrument ILIAS 2008, Jaca, Spain Low temperature dissipation in coating materials
6'2008-02-19' Sintes, AliciaPalmaAnalysis ILIAS 2008, Jaca, Spain
7'2008-02-26' G080051-00 Diez, AlexCardiffAnalysis ILIAS GRB-GW Workshop, Rome GRB triggered inspiral searches for GW in LIGO and VIRGO data
8'2008-02-26' G080050-00 Sutton, PatrickCardiffAnalysis ILIAS GRB-GW Workshop, Rome Techniques in LSC Searches for GW Bursts Associated with GRBs
9'2008-03-07' G080054-00 Cavaglia, MarcoOlemissStatus 4th Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting, Oxford, MS Status of LIGO
10'2008-03-07' G080053-00 Guo, Jun-QiOlemissAnalysis 4th Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting, Oxford, MS Data Quality Vetoes for Compact Binary Coalescences in LIGO's 5th Science Run
'2008-03-21' Patel, PinkeshCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA A barycentering algorithm for continuous wave detection
'2008-03-21' G080069-00 Searle, AntonyCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Detecting poorly understood sources with LIGO
11'2008-03-21' Betzwieser, JoeCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Beating the spin-down limit on the Crab pulsar
12'2008-03-21' Fazi, DiegoCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Searching for gravitational waves from spinning binaries in LIGO data using a Physical Template family
'2008-03-21' G080073-00 Santamaria, LuciaCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Incorporating Numerical Relativity Waveforms into Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
13'2008-03-21' G080031-00 Hodge, KariCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Using a random forest of bagged decision trees to rank-order potential GW events
14'2008-03-22' G080154-00 Weinstein, AlanCaltechStatus PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Status of LIGO
15'2008-03-21' G080164-00 Sengupta, AnandCaltechAnalysis PCGM-08, UCSB, CA Search for gravitational waves from inspiraling high-mass (non-spinning) compact binaries
16'2008-03-31' G080174-00 Strain, KenGlasgowStatus NAM 2008, Queen's University, Belfast Advanced LIGO: Our future in observational gravitational astronomy
17'2008-04-04' G080175-00 Pitkin, MattGlasgowAnalysis NAM 2008, Queen's University, Belfast Gravitational wave astrophysics: are we there yet?
18'2008-05-05' G080283-00 Reitze, DavidUFStatus Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics San Jose, CA The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory: Probing the Dynamics of Space-Time with Attometer Precision
19'2008-05-12' Hughey, BrennanLIGO MITStatus/Analysis 11th Eastern Gravity Meeting, Penn State Status of LIGO
20'2008-05-12' G080292-00 Shawhan, PeterMarylandAnalysis 11th Eastern Gravity Meeting, Penn State Recent and Ongoing Searches for Continuous-Wave GW Signals
'2008-05-12' G080293-00 Kanner, JonahMarylandAnalysis 11th Eastern Gravity Meeting, Penn State LOOC UP: Finding optical transients with LIGO data
'2008-05-13' G080278-00 Waldman, SamCaltechInstrument GWDAW - VESF Elba, Italy Advanced LIGO Status & Conceptual Design
21'2008-05-19' G080304-00 Raab, FredLHOStatus IEEE Frequency Control Symposium Honolulu (HA) The Search for Gravitational Waves
22'2008-05-22' G080272-00 Robertson, NornaCaltechStatus CQG Scientific Meeting, King's College (UK) LIGO and the search for gravitational waves
23'2008-07-07' Whitcomb, StanCaltechReview 21st congress of the Int'l Commission for Optics Interferometric gravitational-wave detectors: new levels of sensitivity in optical measurements
24'2008-07-07' G080393-00 Shawhan, PeterMarylandStatus From Quantum to Cosmos, Virginia, USA Gravitational Wave Detection from the Ground Up

2008 Seminars and Colloquia

Date DCC Speaker Institution Type Venue Title
1'2008-01-15' G080009-00 Fazi, DiegoCaltechAnalysis Colloquium, Universita' di Bologna (Italy) Search for gravitational waves from spinning binaries in LIGO data using a new family of Physical Templates
2'2008-01-22' G080014-00 Marka, SzabolcsColumbiaResults/Future Seminar, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park Astrophysics Results to Future Measurements with Gravitational-wave Observatories
'2008-01-29' G080019-00 Kanner, Jonah MarylandAnalysis Seminar, Penn State, PA LOOC UP: Targeted Transient Searches with GW data
3'2008-01-31' G080026-00 Cadonati, LauraUMassStatus Colloquium, Amherst College, Amherst MA Gravitational Waves and LIGO: a new Probe into the Universe
'2008-02-01' G080059-00 McGuire, StephenSouthern UInstrument Colloquium, NIST LIGO: at the forefront of optical materials research
'2008-02-05' G080023-00 Harry, GreggMITInstrument Seminar, Ole Miss Einstein's dual legacy: gravitational waves and thermal noise
4'2008-02-07' G080010-01 Sutton, PatrickCardiffAnalysis Seminar, Southampton U. (UK) Astrophysically Triggered Searches for Gravitational Waves
5'2008-02-13' G080032-00 Daw, EdSheffieldStatus Colloquium, Birmingham (UK) The Hunt for Gravitational Waves
'2008-02-15' G080035-00 Melissinos, AdrianRochester Seminar, RIT The Search for High Frequency Gravitational Waves (using the LIGO interferometers)
'2008-02-17' G080057-00 Papa, MariaAlessandraAEI Symposium for G.V. Pallottino, Rome "La Sapienza" Brief overview of recent LIGO results
7'2008-02-20' G080040-00 Lantz, BrianStanfordStatus Seminar, SLAC Advanced LIGO: the next GW observatory
'2008-02-22' G080008-00 Riles, KeithCaltechStatus Colloquium, Andrews U. The hunt for GWs: latest results from LIGO
9'2008-02-22' G080043-00 Gonzalez, GabyCaltechStatus Seminar to the SNO collaboration meeting, LSU Searching for gravitational waves with LIGO detectors
10'2008-02-28' G080039-00 Gouaty, RomainLSUStatus/Analysis Seminar, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie, Grenoble (France) Search for gravitational waves with LIGO and follow-up of candidate-events
'2008-02-28' G080420-00 Waldman, SamCaltechInstrument Seminar, U. Maryland Enhancing and advancing LIGO
11'2008-02-29' G080039-00 Gouaty, RomainLSUStatus/Analysis Seminar, Laboratoire de l'Accelerateur Lineaire, Orsay (France) Search for gravitational waves with LIGO and follow-up of candidate-events
'2008-03-04' G080419-00 Waldman, SamCaltechStatus Colloquium, Stanford Initial LIGO Sensitivity and Science
'2008-03-12' G080072-00 Whelan, JohnAEIAnalysis Seminar, RIT Searching for periodic GW signals in space and ground-base detector data
'2008-04-04' Harry, GreggMITInstrument Seminar, HEP/Nuclear series UMass, Amherst MA Einstein's dual legacy: gravitational waves and thermal noise
'2008-04-11' G080289-00 Myers, EricLHOOutreach Seminar, Amateur Astronomer Association of New York Einstein@Home: Searching for Ripples in Space-Time with Your Home Computer
'2008-04-22' G080273-00 Goggin, LisaCaltechTheory Seminar, Caltech Astrophysical black holes
'2008-04-23' G080276-00 O'Shaughnessy, RichardPenn StateTheory Seminar, Particle Physics, Columbia Astrophysics with LIGO
12'2008-04-23' G080252-00 Cadonati, LauraUMassStatus Colloquium, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (NJ) LIGO: a journey towards gravitational wave astronomy
'2008-04-24' G080249-00 Cardoso, VitorOlemissStatus Colloquium, Laboratory of Particles and Instruments (LIP) Lisbon, Portugal Gravitational waves: the sound of the universe
'2008-04-30' G080275-00 Marx, JayCaltechStatus Talk, PMA Chair Council, Caltech LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory
13'2008-05-07' G080286-00 Cadonati, LauraUMassStatus Colloquium, UMass, Amherst MA Gravitational Waves and LIGO: a new Probe into the Universe
14'2008-05-09' G080288-00 Shoemaker, DavidMITInstrument Seminar, HEP/Nuclear series UMass, Amherst MA Gravitational wave detection via optical interferometry
'2008-05-28' N/A Katsavounidis, ErikMITAnalysis Seminar, Caltech Detection confidence in the search for gravitational wave transients
'2008-05-31' N/A Katsavounidis, ErikMITAnalysis Seminars: Tsinghua U, Beijing Normal U, National Observatories of China The hunt for gravitational waves: physics at the technology frontier

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