Guidelines for LSC reviewers

The LSC paper review is intended to provide helpful feedback to the authors, as usual for any peer review.
But it is also intended to serve as a double-check that there is nothing potentially controversial within the LSC.

Some things to watch out for

Please note that the LSC reviews are, in general, NOT anonymous. If you would rather withold your name, please let us know.


The minimal LSC review period for technical papers is 1 week. In order to allow for a response, we ask reviewers to return their reports in 5 days, if possible.

We realize this is not always compatible with your schedule, so it is of great help if you let us know right away whether you will be able to perform the review or not, so that we have the time necessary to find somebody else.

When you return your report, please specify whether you would like to see a revised version or not. If you do, the time window to provide feedback on a revised version is 3 days. In rare cases more iterations will be needed.

Thank you for agreeing to act as an LSC reviewer: your effort is greatly appreciated!