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Status of Reviews

Agenda and Minutes, 05 December 2006

Agenda: Tues, 05 December 2006

The two items on the agenda are:

1) recommendation on Dec presentations for the Exec Comm. Presentation changes 
   that were not implemented include:
   a) Consistency of H vs S_GW : it has been pointed out to me that they are 
      not the same and that H(f) is notation established for the strain power 
      from a source as a function of frequency by Allen and Romano.
   b) Stylistic changes (colors etc) for Jay's slides: Vuk believes Jay will 
      re-style the slides to fit with his talk anyway.
   c) Two dashed lines in figure but one in legend of Allegro talk: John 
      "This is difficult to do without cluttering up the slide significantly.
       There are two curves on the plot because the overlap reduction
       function of a bar with itself is 4/3 rather than 1; one curve is the
       Omega=1 strain PSD in ALLEGRO, the other in LLO.  Each of them is an
       Omega=1 spectrum, so the way it's labelled now is technically correct.
       It would be incorrect to remove one, so the only way to make it
       "consistent" would be to label one "LLO Spectrum for Omega_gw(f)=1"
       and the other "ALLEGRO Spectrum for Omega_gw(f)=1" at which point I'd
       need to also make the two lines different somehow.  I'd prefer to do
       what I've done in non-results versions of this talk, which is to
       explain why there are two lines if anyone asks."

2) recommendation on whether radiometer paper is ready for LSC-wide 

The most recent versions (to my knowledge) of Vuk's slides for Jay and the 
radiometer paper and poster are posted on the review website:

We need to have a recommendation made on results presented no later than 
tommorrow, so the meeting will continue until that is finished. Please look 
over the talks and be ready to discuss them if possible.


SGWB Review Committee minutes (Dec 12, 2006)

Stuart Anderson (minutes)
Warren Anderson (chair)
Robert Schofield
Harry Ward
Stefan Ballmer (guest)

1) Discussion of December presentations.

a) Jay's overview talk:
* H(f) (rather than S_GW(f)) notation remains and was justified by indicating
  they are different (source vs observed) and previous art in Allen & Romano.
  There was agreement to allow this.
* Would still like only one S5 curve on P1 and the changes adopted by
  John for rotation & modultaion should be made here as well. These are
  suggestions and not mandatory.
* Voted to recommend approval to the LSC Exec Comm.

b) Stefan's poster:
* Voted to recommend aproval and encourage Stefan to more fully explain the
  first sentence of the Introduction verbally.

c) John's talk:
* Omega_GW and Omega_0 continue to float around in the presentation.
* After the meeting John cleaned up the two dashed lines on P.7.
* P.6 why use the "umlaut" for "coinc"
* P.9 consider replacing "jobs" with "segments" or other less colloq. exp.
* What "R" stand for in Omeg_R, and it is used before defined.
* The talk was approved.

2) Stefan's paper.
* Add proviso for Adv LIGO accessability to SCO-X1 sensitivitty is based
  on narrow banding.
* Re-word "side product" in abstract
* Redo first sentence of Introduction as too abrupt of a start.
* General discussion of spherical harmonic decomposition leaning towards
  either adding a lot more (see Nelson's email) or making clear the
  current discussion is not a statement about the sky.
* define ADC first time used
* clarify disucssion of residual systematic error on the bottom of page 3.
* reference thesis for P.3 last par discussion of insensitivity.
* consider moving defintion of sigma to footnote
* fig 2 cpation penultimate sentence grammar correction.
* Need to check with PSR group if statements regarding coherent Sco-X1 search
  are too pessimistic or not.

Related Email

Subject: All stochastic Dec. presentations recommended by review committee
From: Warren G Anderson 
To: Peter Fritschell 
CC: Vuk Mandic , 
    Stefan Ballmer , 
    John Whelan 
Date: 2006-12-06 13:14

Hi All,

All the presentations that need to be reviewed by the stochastic review 
committee for the December meetings have been reviewed, and all will be 
recommended for presentation at the Exec. Comm. meeting tommorrow. 
Congratulations to all on their good work. The committee had a few extra 
comments/recommendations for the presenters to consider - I will send them 
once I get the minutes of our meeting yesterday from Stuart. All the comments 
are minor and optional.

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