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Agenda and Minutes, 12 December 2006

Agenda: Tues, 12 December 2006

I believe the only item on the agenda this time is the latest version of the 
radiometer paper, which is posted at:

This is the same version we considered last week, so you've probably already 
downloaded it.


| 20061114-minutes.txt - minutes from the Nov 28 Stochastic Review telecon.
|  Author        : Warren G. Anderson (
|  Last Modified : Wed Dec 13 03:00 PM 2006 P

Attending: Warren, Stuart, Robert, Stefan, Harry

Suggestions for Stefan:
- softer first sentence of Abstract
- reference to instrument paper
- do we need to mention that pipeline is coded in matlab?
- various minor wording issues
- use linear scale rather than dB
- correct reference [4]
- remove last line about SCO-X1 in abstract
- DCC document reference for overlapping windows

Update on last weeks request to consult with Periodic group:
- Stefan has emailed Mike Landry
- periodic group has not responded yet
- Stuart suggests going ahead and letting them respond as part of LSC comment

Overall recommendation of review committee:

We are satisfied with the analysis and presentation and recommend that, after
minor comments above are considered, the paper be put forward for general
LSC-wide review.

Next week:
- people are available so we will have a telecon
- we will consider the promised new draft of L1-A1 paper

Related Email

Subject: Radiometer paper
From: Warren G Anderson 
To: Stochastic List 
CC: Peter Fritschell , 
    Vuk Mandic , 
    Stefan Ballmer ,
Date: Today 15:48:27

Hi All,

It is my pleasure to announce on behalf of the Stochastic Review Committee 
that we feel that the S4 radiometer paper is ready to go forward to the LSC 
for general collaboration-wide comment/review. We have given Stefan a short 
list of minor comments/corrections to consider, but we are all pleased with 
the science and the presentation of the current paper. 

I would like to personally offer Stefan congratulations on a job well done.

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