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Agenda and Minutes, 20 June 2007

Agenda: Tues, 20 June 2007

Continuation of meeting from the previous day.


Attending: Stuart, Nelson, Warren, Harry, Robert
Bernard Whiting's Poster
Fig. 10
- What kind of data was used for these "simulations"?
- Is bandwidth or central freq 200Hz? What is the other?
Rob Ward's talk
- Slide 4 - flowchart is too busy for one minute.
- Slide 5 - could make more explict that beta is exponent.
- Slide 5 and 6 - don't italicize units (Hz). Original figures (in ps) would
  be good. Explain physically why we care about beta=0 and beta=3.
- Slide 7 - some indication that we are switchin g from all sky to point
  source would be helpful. Y-axis unit on Fig 9 whould be strain/sqrt(hz)?
  There is no blue, as indicated in caption.
- Slide 10 - it would be good to know more explicitly what these are.
- Slide 11 - maybe spell out what CG method is.
- Slide 12 - label axes on graph. Text size in third bullet is smaller than in
  first two.
- Slide 13 - Upper limit number can't be presented. Strain squared plot can't
  be presented. 10x statement has to be given as an expectation, rather than a
  fact. Is 400 indep. points same number that was published by Stefan? If not,
  where did it come from? What does an injection look like for the SNR plot?
- Slide 14 - "Another detection method" in title would be clearer. Is there a
  reference for this method?
- Slide 15 - We have never seen this method before and cannot sign off on a
  result using real data from it.
- Slide 16 - Since we haven't reviewed this pipeline at all, we can't sign off
  on this slide.
- Slide 17 - This is a new unreviewed result - we can't sign off.
- Slide 19
    See above.
- Slide 21 - ok if it was done with reviewed code.
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