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Agenda and Minutes, 11 Sept 2007

Agenda: Tues, 11 Sept 2007

The calibration review group has issued a memo on their review of
the calibration of the FSR fast channel for S4 (attached). I think
we have a clear indicator now that the S4 FSR paper really must be
a technical paper.

I'd like to meet tomorrow to get the Stochastic Review Committee
together for a meeting tomorrow to discuss our report back to the
Stochastic Analysis Group on that paper, focussing especially on
what needs to be done to get a viable astrophysical result out of
an FSR analysis in the future (i.e. for S5).


Attending: Stuart, Nelson, Warren, Robert

1) Do we need a new time for this telecon?

2) Agreement on type of paper for S4?
   No astrophysical paper. We think it might be better to go directly to S5.
   Techniques in S4 paper might not be applicable to future results.

3) What needs to be done for S5?
   This is the highest priority issue in our opinion. List of planned post S5
   investigations is posted at
   a) environmental/instrumental coherence
      High frequency PEM investigations needed. Robert is scheduled to do
      them, but they are his lowest priority post-S5 investigation.
   b) timing
      Tobin, Stephanos, Rick and Daniel scheduled do timing investigations.
   c) calibration
      Rick Savage will lead inestigations for fast channel.
   d) two framebuilders sometimes write different results for fast channel but
      only one is stored. Need to understand which, if any, is correct or
      level of accuracy.
   e) source of resonances near FSR frequencies
    - question: are they really acoustic?
      - investigation: can they be made to move around with temperature?
    - are there coherences from tails of the resonances?
      - investigation: if resonances move with temperature, do results change
        with temperature?
    - might get some info from calibration investigations.
   f) code review
      Not signed off on - need to have concerns addressed.

4) S5 all-sky H1-L1 result to be fast-tracked
  - code base has been "shuffled" - need a document relating new structure to
    previously reviewed (S4) structure.
  - stochastic group wants it done by end of year.

5) AOB
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