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Agenda and Minutes, 7 Oct 2010

Agenda: Thurs, 07 Oct 2010

- First discussion of S5 H1-H2 paper


Attending: Warren, Nelson, Stuart, Alan, Jolien, Robert

- Warren will ask Virginia Re and Alexander Dietz.
- Hardware injections and Software injections.
- BOE calc - Nelson has done.
- Data selection - section 3.2 technical document
    - Kleine-Welle - will contact John Whelan regarding the generation of
- Alan is surprised by the amount of deadtime. Explained in technical
- Check the systematic error calculations.
- Jolien asks if systematic environmental correlations between Hanford and
  Livingston have been investigated.
    - Warren and Nelson recall magnetometer correlations from S5 isotropic.
    - Robert has done a systematic investigation of correlations between PEM
      channels in H and L, but not coupling to DARM.
- Robert argues that PEM is more sensitive to environmental issues than DARM,
  and that this needs to be explained more thoroughly in the paper. This has
  been tested by direct experiment by Robert. He would like to see that
  explicitly discussed in the paper. 
- There is also the issue of PEM coverage.
- Robert circulated three discussion points which he reviewed:
    - he doesn't understand the calibration line test. He doesn't think it's
      testing what it purports to and it wouldn't test the scattering we know
      exists for RF readout (although it would for DC readout). There is a
      scattering mechanism that could creating coupling by having light for
      each to  bounce of the same surface.
    - he wants time slides over shorter time 
    - he thinks that much more is known about instrumental artifacts in the
      data that could be explained to help build confidence.
- Warren will ping stochastic group about last two issues, wait until next
  week to discuss first issue further.
- Warren will suggest that we need to see a S5-VSR1 paper draft.
- Warren will ask about LV hardware injections.
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